Tuesday, February 23, 2010

'Compact Gem' Pinus leucodermis

You are sitting in the comfort of your car, as the engine pulls the incline through the Balkans…the gentle side-to-side rocking, and the clickity-clack of the wheels on the tracks allow your mind to wander….daydreaming … looking to the corridor, thinking you might catch a glimpse of Agatha Christie’s Poirot, with his charistic waddle, bustling along on the trail of a clue….

The train’s whistle breaks the spell, and you look out the window. Your eyes pan across the snow covered landscape…..how beautiful and serene, so distant from the generations of violence that have besieged this part of the world. The thick blanket of snow is interrupted only by numerous trees with long, glossy, deep green foliage…providing an exceptional color contrast in this peaceful scene.

These are the alpine origins of Pinus leucodermis - the Bosnian Pine.

Pinus leucodermis “Compact Gem” is a dwarf member of this Bosnian Pine family. The long, dark green needles, common to the species, are complimented very nicely by light colored terminal buds. This attractive color scheme is found on a slow growing (1”-3”/ year; 3’-4’/ 10 years), narrow, conical form.

“Compact Gem” is suitable in a variety of regions (zones 4-8). This, as well as its outstanding, compact size and coloration, make it a most welcome addition to all landscapes, from the small rock garden to accent roles in larger settings.

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